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Developing Clean Energy Markets: Annual Report 2023



Over more than 20 years, REEEP has proudly evolved our unique, award-winning approach to catalysing clean energy market growth and navigating dynamic developments across the clean energy sector, throughout the developing world. We are leveraging our institutional knowledge to identify gaps in the market where we can adapt and apply proven methodologies and financial instruments to scale up nascent and developing clean energy markets.

Our annual report 2023 – Developing Clean Energy Markets – details our commitment to accelerating the growth of clean energy markets and the impact of our work in improving energy access, reducing emissions and increasing resilience to climate change.

Highlights include:
  • A deep dive into how we advance clean energy market development through our holistic approach, methods, financial instruments and programme tools
  • The launch and overview of REEEP’s newest initiative, the PURE Growth Fund, which supports the productive use of renewable energy in agri-food value chains
  • REEEP’s essential role in the Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa (BGFA), which aims to establish 1.7 million energy connections benefiting more than 8.6 million people in six sub-Saharan African countries by 2028.
  • The scale-up and impact of the Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) during the 2016-2023 co-hosting period with UNIDO, with success stories from supported projects
  • The first projects supported under the Austria-Nepal Renewable Energy Blended Finance Facility with a video featuring key stakeholders and beneficiaries

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Organisations like REEEP play a crucial role in orchestrating the transfer of climate finance to the Global South through programmes tailored to the needs, conditions and market specificities of individual countries.

Eva Kelly Oberender

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