Legal Status

REEEP is an international multilateral partnership that works to accelerate market-based deployment of renewable energy and energy efficient systems in developing countries.


The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) was established at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg as a Type II Partnership and has the legal status of a not-for-profit association (Verein) under Austrian law.

Furthermore, REEEP has been granted the status of a Quasi-International Organisation (QuIO). The category of Quasi-International Organisations was introduced by Austria in 2015 to accommodate international organisations with multi-stakeholder institutional structures similar to those of inter-governmental organisations, but also allowing membership of non-government actors. Organisations with the QuIO status are granted privileges and exemptions in accordance with Sec. 16 of the Austrian Headquarters Law (Amtssitzgesetz, BGBl. Nr. 54/2021).

Contributions to REEEP are reportable under bilateral official development assistance (ODA), as the organisation’s main objective is the promotion of economic development and welfare of developing countries.

REEEP’s governance structure and internal operations are governed by its Statutes (the latest version, from November 2023, can be downloaded below).

REEEP Statutes - German
REEEP Statuten German - 6 November 2023
*pdf , 228 KB
REEEP Statutes - English
REEEP Statutes English - 6 November 2023
*pdf , 182 KB