Global Sustainable Technology & Innovation Conference 2019 (G-STIC)

20-11-2019 to 22-11-2019, Brussels, Belgium

G-STIC aims to accelerate the deployment of market-ready integrated technological solutions to support the SDGs. The event is co-hosted by seven international non-profit research and technology organisations, including TERI in India, ACTS in Kenya and more.

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The SDGs are all interconnected, and cannot be tackled one at a time. G-STIC brings together experts from all over the world to discuss integrated technological solutions, which tackle sustainable development challenges across disciplines and sectors, covering aspects of health, housing, food, water, education, energy and climate while taking into account environmental, social and economic dimensions.

At the same time, the organisers seek to define the actions that are needed to facilitate the implementation of these solutions, and to set up the institutional, regulatory, policy and business frameworks required to achieve the SDGs.