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Join REEEP at the Reuters Event Energy Transition MENA 2023 spotlight session


As COP28 draws near, we are set to delve into the urgent topic of Africa’s energy transition. REEEP’s Head of Green Banking, Dusko Stjepanovic, is moderating a Reuters Events Energy Transition MENA 2023 panel, ‘Decarbonization & Diversification: Africa’s Energy Transition‘ on 6 December in Dubai.

The susceptibility of Africa to the impacts of climate change has garnered attention, highlighting the need for climate-resilient energy infrastructure and integrated regional planning to ensure energy security. This spotlight session will provide insights into three key areas:

  • Unlocking the potential for increased renewable energy consumption across the region and making the most on the rapid competitive growth of new energy solutions
  • Improving energy efficiency and decarbonisation in line with nationally determined contributions to climate mitigation
  • Catalysing renewables growth guided by advice from the experts working to rewrite North Africa’s energy legacy as they outline challenges and opportunities for a secure and equitable transition

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear and meet from the following esteemed key experts who will share valuable insights on developing a resilient energy sector in Africa:

  • Dusko Stjepanovic, Head of Green Banking, REEEP
  • Gianpiero Nacci, Director, Sustainable Business & Infrastructure, EBRD
  • Mohamed Ismail Mansour, Co-Founder & CEO, Infinity Power
  • Cornelius Matthes, CEO, Dii Desert Energy

Engage, Learn, Transform: This is more than a discussion; it’s a call to action for all stakeholders to participate in reshaping Africa’s energy landscape.


Event schedule:

Date: Wednesday, 6 December 2023

Time: 11:50 UAE

Location: Marriott Resort Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Moderator from REEEP

Dusko Stjepanovic
Company: REEEP
Position: Head of Green Banking

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