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Performance standards and labelling for LED lighting in Ghana


The Government of Ghana was already an energy efficiency leader in Africa in the 2000s. In 2007, the country implemented a programme to replace 6 million incandescent lamps with CFLs, which resulted in peak savings of 124MW and CO2 savings of 112,320 tonnes per annum.

Since then, Ghana has intensified the implementation of appliance energy performance standards and labelling. Minimum performance standards were set for refrigerators, non-ducted air-conditioners and CFLs. Import duty and VAT were waived on the importation of CFLs in 2002 and on light emitting diode (LED) lamps in 2010. However, at the time of the project there were currently no energy standards or labelling for LED lighting in Ghana.

Prior to this project, REEEP supported the development of technical standards for LED lighting in China and the spread of off-grid LED solutions with Lighting Africa.



To develop, introduce and enforce energy performance standards and labelling to ensure high quality LED lamps in Ghana.


Main Activities

  • Compile all relevant data on existing technical performance standards and labelling schemes
  • Review LED standards developed in China and by Lighting Africa with support from REEEP
  • Develop appropriate technical performance standards and labels for LEDs for Ghana
  • Review of the draft performance standards and labelling with stakeholders and incorporate their input into the proposal
  • Transform technical performance standards into draft regulations
  • Solicit stakeholder input on draft regulations, make appropriate revisions and pass regulations into legislation

Expected Impact

  • Performance standards and labelling on LED lighting adopted as law in Ghana
  • Long-term reduction in energy consumed for lighting
  • Increased consumer confidence in energy efficient lamps, and that Ghana does not become a dumping ground for substandard LED products
  • Increased renewable energy uptake thanks to availability of high quality, energy-efficient LEDs which make renewable energy sources feasible
Programme sector
Energy Efficiency / Policy and Regulation
2012 - 2013
€ 98,500
Implementing agency
Ghana Standards Authority
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United Kingdom
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