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Local Renewables: South – South cooperation between cities in India, Indonesia and South Africa


Both Indonesia and South Africa are at a stage where national policies on climate change mitigation have been formulated, and there is scope for cities to begin taking concrete action.

ICLEI, an international association of local governments committed to sustainable development, has developed a local renewables (LR) initiative which steers city governments through the integration of increased EE and RE generation into all city activities.


To develop two model local renewables initiatives, one in Ekurhuleni Municipality in South Africa, and the other in Yogyakarta city in Indonesia while providing both with guidance from a city in India, and to facilitate the adoption of similar initiatives in other South African and Indonesian cities

Photo (right): ICLEI


Main Activities

  • Make the final selection of the project cities, currently slated to be Yogyakarta and Ekurhuleni, and designate one Indian city as a resource city to provide process guidance
  • Assess each project city’s carbon emissions inventory to identify priority interventions
  • Develop action plan for each city adopting RE and EE initiatives in line with national policy, involving a multi-tier stakeholder committee
  • Identify financial sources for implementation, and relevant demonstration projects
  • Implement a pilot project in each city and showcase the process and results to observer cities, disseminate via country workshops
  • Develop a local RE resource center for each city showcasing local initiatives and products
  • Develop a country-specific Solar Cities Guidebook to actively promote renewable energy

Expected Impact

  • Starting impetus provided for major cities in South Africa and Indonesia to work towards national and international EE and emission reduction goals
  • Long term action plans in place following an analysis of reduced energy use and emissions
  • Potentials identified for RE and EE to improve delivery of municipal services
  • Shortened learning curve for cities through the South – South exchange of experiences
  • Communities catalysed into adopting RE and EE initiatives at household level thanks to resource centres showcasing case studies
  • Potential for project cities to transform into “Solar Cities” as was the case in India
  • Strengthened ICLEI regional capacity to roll out this programme on a wider scale
IN/India, ZA/South Africa, ID/Indonesia
Programme Sector
RE & EE (Policy & Regulation)
2011 - 2013
€ 150,326 including co-funding from Co- funding from Ekurhuleni and Yogyakarta project cities
Implementing Agency
ICLEI South Asia
REEEP grant funded by
United Kingdom
REEEP grant funded by