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Efficient street lighting in Minas Gerais




Brazil has been facing energy issues since 2001, when a major blackout struck the country. Since then, several government programmes have aimed to promote the construction of new capacity to meet the increasing demand.

The state of Minas Gerais is examining the demand side of the coin with efficiency initiatives that can reduce electricity bills and support the state efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Many key institutions in the state are involved in this effort.


To reduce the electricity consumption in one of the largest cities of Minas Gerais state through the use of efficient technologies  in street lighting.


Photo (right): Reuters/Thaier Al-Sudani


Main Activities

  • Conduct an analysis of the city’s electricity consumption, assess the city’s lighting inventory and  current street lighting technologies
  • Select best energy saving technology with the state power company (CEMIG);  estimate the electricity savings and emission reduction potential
  • Work with the state development bank BDMG, KfW and other institutions to analyse the risks, barriers and support mechanisms
  • Develop a business plan  for the city, covering responsibilities, technical aspects and investment cost, NPV calculation and financing plan, including carbon revenues
  • Hold a workshop for approximately 20 local stakeholders on the business plan, the mechanics of the actual implementation, and expected benefits
  • Compile project learnings into a case study on implementation of efficient street lighting for other Brazilian cities

Expected Impact

  • Expected reduction of approximately 20% of the city’s electricity consumption with significant reduction of the correspondent CO2 emissions.
  • Incentivise  the creation of  local markets for efficient lighting technologies in Minas Gerais
  • ESCOs and suppliers of efficient technologies attracted to the state, generating local investments and promoting job creation
  • Public attention brought to Minas Gerais as a leader in energy efficient street lighting
Programme Sector
Energy Efficiency (EE) (Business & Finance)
2011 - 2012
€ 149,864
Implementing Agency
Thomson Reuters (Markets) Norge AS
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United Kingdom
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