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Technology can be a powerful solution to address the dual challenges of development and climate change. The purpose of this project is to create an online platform which supports decision makers and other stakeholders in developing countries to embrace renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and to support the whole process of technology transfer and deployment.

The project builds on the existing online technology database ClimateTechWiki (CTW) (http://climatetechwiki.org) with over 130 descriptions of mitigation and adaptation technologies, supporting case studies and a forum for discussion. CTW was originally developed as a companion to the UNDP/UNFCCC Handbook for Technology Needs Assessments (TNA) under the auspeices of the Expert Group on Technology Transfer (EGTT).   Currently, CTW functions as a support tool for GEF-funded Technology Needs Assessments (TNA) being implemented by UNEP / UNEP Risoe Centre in 36 developing countries. Experts and government representatives involved in these TNAs expressed demand for:

  • detailed information on technology costs and examples of technology implementation.
  • additional tools and supporting resources for project and program development, e.g. on project financing, existing funding mechanisms, and training.
  • the possibility for connecting a wide range of users (technology practitioners, policy makers, manufacturers).

This project aims at adding these functions to CTW.


Main Activities

The following activities will be carried out under the CTW project:

1. Enrich technology dataset

  • Update + 40 existing renewable energy and energy efficiency technology descriptions, a.o. with country-specific technology information provided by UNEP Risoe Centre (URC).
  • Enrich technology descriptions with cost data provided by ECN.
  • Add technology case studies provided by developing country partners and other institutions.


2. Provide supporting tools and resources for project developers and policy makers by adding links and guidance on:

  • project development and financial appraisal (e.g., FICAM model developed for TNA countries by URC).
  • funding programmes and potential partners.
  • general aspects of technology transfer and successful policies in developing countries, e.g., experiences of UNDP offices in supporting countries and partners to undertake low-emission, climate-resilient development strategies (LECRDS)).


3.  Establish an interface to:

  • categorize and link the information under 1) and 2) and
  • help users tailor this information to their needs


4. Establish an interactive networking platform with:

  • Developing country CTW partners for continued development and support.
  • Links to and partnerships with relevant networks, institutions and informational resources (e.g. CLEANIRENAIEA roadmaps).
  • A forum with thematic news, events, policy updates, etc.
  • Space for technology manufacturers and service providers.
  • Space for feedback on functionality.

Expected Impact

The project will provide policy makers and other stakeholders in developing countries with better and more structured access to detailed information about RE and EE technologies and tools and supporting resources for technology projects and program development. A recent request for feedback resulted in over 30 individuals and organisations expressing interest in further CTW development.

Specific CTW impacts are:

  • Reduce search costs for developing country decision makers who are planning projects or programs to deploy climate technologies.
  • Enable project developers to identify suitable technologies within their own contexts, and formulate successful project proposals for these technologies.
  • Make connections between experts, as CTW provides a platform where information and experience can be exchanged and experts can convene through an online platform.
  • Introduce private sector technology service providers and manufacturers can to new markets for their services and products.
  • Establish new links between CTW and other networks and technology support programs which helps bolster the use of other tools (e.g., UNDP’s global network, CLEANREN21 IRENAIEA roadmaps).
  • Help identify and clarify country needs vis a vis technology planning and this will help inform the international climate negotiations under the UNFCCC.
Programme Sector
RE & EE (Business & Finance)
2011 - 2012
€ 196,118 including co-funding from UNDP, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, UNEP Risoe Centre
Implementing Agency
Implementing Organisations
REEEP grant funded by
United Kingdom