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Alternative energy plan for rural municipalities in Brazil


The Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL) has recently published regulation 482/12, which revolutionizes the country’s energy market by allowing the trading of energy up to 1MW; a move which  paves the way for net-metering and the widespread use of micro and mini RE power plants.

In parallel, government policy is encouraging decentralization and the accountability of municipalities for their own energy and solid waste management policies.  At state level, there is also a Green Seal Municipality certification programme for cities.

This project will focus on helping AMAPI, an existing network of 27 municipalities in Minas Gerais state to fully exploit the new energy policies.  AMAPI coordinates administrative, economic and social matters for these municipalities, which together cover more than 10,000 sq. km.  AMAPI is also a member of CNM, a national association of 4500 municipalities.



To provide each of the 27 AMAPI municipalities with a feasible Municipal Alternative Energy Plan (MAEP) based on local energy sources, as an input to local policy-making and as a model for others


Main Activities

  • Conduct field research on potential alternative energy resources in each of the 27 municipalities and map RE potential in full territory
  • Define the MAEP for each of the 27
  • Establish and RE Department in each municipality and at AMAPI
  • Develop Integrated Management Plan for the entire territory
  • Develop business plans for pilot projects for decentralized RE and/or micro generation plants
  • Support municipalities in obtaining local financing
  • Train municipal employees and technicians
  • Hold two regional seminars
  • Conduct awareness campaign with  communication agencies and media
  • Hold education campaign with local high schools

Expected Impact

  • RE data available at municipal level
  • Production plan developed which forsees at least 40% of total energy needs from alternative sources
  • Achieved energy savings of at least 1 MWh per municipality
  • Achieved waste reduction of  20%
  • Income for small farmers up by 20%
  • Reduction in carbon emissions of 1350 tons per year per municipality
  • Proliferation of scale–up business models for clean energy production
  • Dissemination of alternative models through CNM association
  • Increased local awareness of importance of clean energy
Programme sector
Renewable Energy (RE) (Policy & Regulation)
2013 - 2014
€201,120 including co-funding from GVC
Implementing agency
GVC (Gruppo Volontariato Civile)
REEEP grant funded by