News May 22, 2024

REEEP has a fresh new look and revamped website


As REEEP heads into our third decade, we are thrilled to unveil REEEP’s fresh new look and a revamped website which will accompany us on the next leg of our journey. The inspiration stems from both our history and our future – REEEP has always been a pathfinder, forging new pathways for clean energy solutions for the benefit of vulnerable populations.

Our new arrow logo was designed with this in mind, symbolising our commitment to supporting proven clean energy solutions and accelerating their deployment up the technology adoption curve, in turn helping communities to move up the energy ladder. The arrow’s shaft is not a line but a circle – representing both our whole of system approach to market development and the shape of the world we work to improve.

Our rebrand and new website are part of the greater REEEP ecosystem, wherein our flagship programmes will also carry this logo with their own unique twists: SOARING (Southern African Renewable Energy Investment and Growth) and REEEP’s 11th Programme Cycle – PURE Growth – focusing on the productive use of renewable energy in agricultural value chains, which we are launching at the International Vienna Energy and Climate Forum (IVECF) on 3 November.

What’s new?

  • A logo that represents our forward-thinking approach to market development
  • A fresh colour palette that radiates energy and vibrancy
  • A user-friendly website for an improved and seamless experience
  • Comprehensive content about our work including insights into our programmes and our 20-year history

Discover how REEEP is accelerating investment in clean energy solutions in low- and middle-income countries, meet the dedicated team behind our mission and explore the projects and programmes funded by the generous donors who have supported our cause throughout REEEP’s two-decade journey.

We invite you to visit the new and to join us for the launch of PURE Growth on 3 November! Register for the IVECF:

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