Linked Open Data

Linked Open Data for Sustainable Development – LOD pioneers make their case at the Open Knowledge Conference in Geneva

Conference-goers pack the LOD workshop at OKCon

Amid a veritable flood of new information on everything from ecological trends to genomic mutations released as part of Open Data movements around the world, practitioners are faced with both vast opportunities, as well as colossal challenges in compiling, updating, analyzing and sharing that information.


FAO thesaurus links with reegle

AGROVOC, the online corporate thesaurus of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) is now linked with the reegle thesaurus. This FAO resource is currently available in up to 22 languages, and contains an average of 40,000 terms in each. When searching for clean energy or climate related terms, AGROVOC users will now also be able to receive concept descriptions and information on related terms drawn from the reegle thesaurus.


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