SWITCH Africa Green: Sustainable Energy Consumption and Production (SECP) in Agriculture and Integrated Waste Management: Research and Training

Sustainable Energy Consumption and Production (SECP) is a programme designed and implemented by REEEP. The programme focuses on supporting African countries in the transition to an Inclusive Green Economy, through the application of Sustainable Consumption and Production patterns and practices. For the implementation of the project in South-Africa, REEEP partnered with SANEDI, in order to assist the local business communities and entrepreneurs in the agricultural and waste management sectors to implement Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) practices within their respective industries. The beneficiaries of the programme include intermediary business organisations, and national and local government spheres.

This study focuses on agriculture and integrated waste management with a specific emphasis on sustainable energy SCP practices, i.e. Sustainable Energy Consumption and Production (SECP), employed in the agriculture and waste management sectors.

The report first sets a baseline for the study, and then analyses the South African agricultural and waste sectors, the relevant policy frameworks, available SECP technologies, and existing SECP practices, and finally describes the available support mechanisms and initiatives for the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

This report will equip REEEP and SANEDI with valuable information to be disseminated and shared with the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the above-mentioned sectors, in order to facilitate their transition into prominent players in the development of the Inclusive Green Economy.


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