The evidence and knowledge we develop is only valuable if turned into action. We follow a multi-tiered approach to sharing knowledge, beginning with direct collaboration with close partners who can put evidence to good use by developing policy and shaping investment pipelines. 

For knowledge to reach its potential it must be available, accessible and suited to the needs of consumers. We act as an efficient knowledge broker by ensuring that we understand our target audience and provide project learning in a tailored and open way, so it can be freely re-used and integrated into downstream knowledge products, such as web applications. We also develop technical solutions, such as the free Climate Tagger, to help us and other organisations streamline and connect information.


But technical solutions alone are not enough. We host, and are a leading member of, an emerging alliance of climate knowledge brokers – collectors, curators and providers of data and knowledge in the climate and development arenas, known as the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group (CKB). With more than 150 of the leading knowledge brokers worldwide, CKB has already made tremendous progress in mobilising players, sparking collaborative efforts and new products, and providing a voice for the community.