REEEP project call facility

Having made nine successful funding calls, REEEP has amassed considerable experience in implementing global project calls and in project oversight. We offer robust infrastructure to handle the entire project management lifecycle from selection through to measurement and evaluation. We can put these to work for you.

You can harness REEEP’s project oversight skills for your own organisation. We are cover every stage of the project life cycle, and can accompany you from beginning to end, or just in specific portions.  Our expertise includes:

Issuing a project call

We can assist in framing your priorities using either a funder-based or a bottom-up approach, and work with you to set up the necessary processes for the full project call.  We can guide you through the types of outreach necessary to ensure an enthusiastic response.


We help define your selection criteria and ensure a robust, transparent and well-documented decision-making process.  Here we also recommend rigorous risk assessment up front, so the projects selected can actually move forward.


We can take on the day-to-day oversight of project reporting, and agree the key reporting cycles, milestones, and flag up any operational difficulties that emerge.  We’ll work with project implementers to find recovery plans if things do not turn out as planned.

Measurement and evaluation

We can work with you to shape and measurement and evaluation plan that ensures the effects of your project are properly documented, in the short, medium and long terms.

The OPEC Fund for International Development has already trusted REEEP to handle a specific energy-access project call. If you would like to confidentially explore similar possibilities, please contact Martin Hiller, our Director General, or Eva Oberender, our Director of Programmes.