Standardised Financial & Legal Documentation for RETScreen


RETScreen is the world's leading clean energy decision-making software. Made available free-of-charge by the Government of Canada. RETScreen breaks down barriers to the development of clean energy, allowing decision makers and professionals to determine if a proposed clean energy project makes financial sense, and thus expanding the market for clean energy. RETScreen is used by more than 230,000 people in 222 countries and territories, and by over 210 colleges and universities worldwide. The software is available in 35 languages and has led to large user savings of over $4 billion as of 2009.


Legal and financial costs can represent up to 2/3rds of pre-construction costs for clean energy projects, and are a critical barrier to the development of such projects. The RETScreen Clean Energy Legal Toolkit, a standardized financial and legal document management system integrated with the RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software, will help to significantly reduce these costs, thus breaking down barriers to the implementation of viable projects.

Main Activities

  • Link existing legal documents for energy efficiency, cogeneration and renewable energy projects to RETScreen Software
  • Include an Editor-controlled Wiki document management section within the RETScreen Website
  • Develop customized initial documents where gaps exist
  • Create a RETScreen e-textbook chapter on the "Legal Aspects of Clean Energy Projects" and develop related training materials freely available on the RETScreen website
  • With a focus on REEEP donor priority countries, disseminate content to users via RETScreen Software, links to RETScreen from other websites, a pilot project to key stakeholders in India, and other training events

Expected Impact

  • Significant reduction in pre-construction project costs through the standardisation of legal and financial documentation and by automating expert knowledge within the RETScreen software.
  • Reduction of project development costs through an integrated set of freely available forms leading to a greater number of projects implemented, particularly in REEEP donor priority countries.
  • Raising of private and public stakeholder awareness and capacity regarding the legal aspects of clean energy projects.

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Programme sector: 

RE & EE (Policy&Regulation)

Stage of project: 



2008 - 2010


€ 600,000 including co-funding from NRCan

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REEEP grant funded by:

United Kingdom