Scaling up a proven mechanism to implement energy efficiency street lighting projects in India


Dissemination of a proven approach to develop, implement and finance municipal energy efficiency projects, working with private sector (ESCOs) and carbon finance, to eliminate the barriers for such projects in India

Main Activities

  • Create a steering committee to implement the concept dissemination activities in India
  • Prepare and disseminate the required standard documents based on the previous project including a  conceptual document for internal approval in municipalities; technical, legal, financial, and other documents for City councils for bidding procedures; Request for Proposals (RFP); and Monitoring and Verification (M&V) plan and payment mechanism.
  • Seek support from local organisations.
  • Organise and deliver dissemination and capacity presentations in different states on the concept, and provide all the needed documents (in Hindi and English) to interested participants.
  • Support municipalities in utilising the concept within their process.

Expected Impact

  • Over 100 cities exposed directly to the concept in at least five states.
  • A minimum of 10 cities entering into the process for energy efficiency project implementation.
  • Five different private sector companies (ESCOs) interested in the concept and willing to bid (or bidding) on projects.
  • Interest carbon credits buyers in the approach and enter into partnerships with potential sellers.
Programme sector: 

Energy Efficiency (EE) (Business&Finance)

Stage of project: 





2007 - 2009


€ 145,000 including co-funding from Econoler and Indian municipalities

Implementing agency: 


REEEP grant funded by:

United Kingdom