Renewable Energies Cooperation Certificates (RECC)


To increase the use of renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) amongst the cooperation programmes of the European Union in all of the Mediterranean Area including the Red Sea and Middle East regions.

Main Activities

  • Survey of the TRECs market in the EU;
  • Analysis of EU legislation and Euro-Mediterranean agreements and partnerships under the Barcelona Process;
  • Develop and implement rules for an innovative economic tool, Renewable Energies Cooperation Certificate (RECC), aimed at strengthening local power generation with RE sources and EE projects in the regions of the Mediterranean Area and the Middle East;
  • Provide alternative scenarios of future impacts of RECC in the EU and North African and Middle Eastern countries and on different RE and EE technologies;
  • Study the possibility of replicating the RECC mechanism in other potential regions (China, Brazil, Indonesia, Eastern Europe, Russia);
  • Disseminate results through the REEEP network and priority countries.

Expected Impact

  • Establishment of a database of international agreements on EU - Mediterranean developmental cooperation;
  • Development of a new cooperative tool in the energy sector to promote sustainable energy and to prevent local conflicts for resources;
  • Implementation of rules for an innovative economic tool, RECC, for local development of power generation with renewable sources of energy and EE projects in the Mediterranean Area;
  • Exploration of the possibility to link energy production with European targets in terms of mandatory percentage of RE energy to be delivered in the internal market.
Programme sector: 

RE & EE (Policy&Regulation)

Stage of project: 



(Middle East)


2006 - 2008


€ 186,305 including co-funding from ISES Italy

Implementing agency: 

International Solar Energy Society (ISES) ? Italy

REEEP grant funded by:

United Kingdom

Government of Italy