Promoting Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency through City Energy Strategies


To promote renewables and energy efficiency as a practical means of assisting socio-economic development within urban communities, whilst restricting the growth of carbon emissions through ‘making the case' for such practices, and ensuring related awareness, knowledge and capacity is built at local and national government level.

Main Activities

  • Synthesise baseline information on energy use and CO2 emissions in cities including existing renewable and energy efficiency applications;
  • Quantify the potential for, and identify the economic, social and environmental benefits of clean energy implementation;
  • Support cities with action plans for large scale implementation;
  • Target activities in poor urban communities for improving access to sustainable energy development;
  • Promote equity in development through activities promoting greater energy efficiency within mid-high income communities;
  • Assess legislative, policy and financial institutions; frameworks, barriers and their solutions appropriate to clean energy development in South African cities;
  • Compile guidance on these cities' role in clean energy implementation from a national perspective;
  • Develop and present suitable material on practical actions for key officials.

Expected Impact

  • Development of renewable energy and energy efficiency building guidelines and by-laws for the five case cities;
  • Installation of energy efficiency lighting in all government buildings;
  • Extension of the projects learnings to other South African cities;
  • Increased support from the national government to local authorities towards achieving clean energy targets;
  • Increased national government understanding that clean energy will positively contribute to development targets.

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Programme sector: 

RE & EE (Policy&Regulation)

Stage of project: 



ZA/South Africa


2006 - 2007


€ 80,310 including co-funding from Various municipalities

Implementing agency: 

Sustainable Energy Africa

REEEP grant funded by:

United Kingdom