Millennium Development Goal Financing Facility (MDGFF) Participatory Business Planning


To lift significant numbers of the poor out of poverty through their ownership of financially, environmentally, and socially sustainable ventures, utilising renewables and energy efficiency - provided services and infrastructures.

Main Activities

Development of a business plan for the Energy - MDG Facility, including:

  • Governance and Agreements
  • Establish the Facility
  • Define the Operational Structure                   
  • Selection and Grant-Making Procedures
  • Define Monitoring and Evaluation System
  • Define Facility Services and Technical Assistance                                                                                                            
  • Legal
  • Production of required legal documents
  • Launch of Pilot Facility

Once operational the Facility will draw on various sources for: grant and equity funds (e.g.,Fondazione Cariplo, Fondazione Monte dei Paschi) to scale up partner venture creation activities and to create new partners; equity investment in the ventures (local sources and GEEREF); and debt (Consorzio Etimos/local sources).


Expected Impact

  • Expansion of the number of participating entrepreneurs in the models developed by the existing MOSAICO partners.
  • Expansion of partners by at least four in the first year of operation to begin the 3-4 year cycle of assessment, venture selection, pilot project, and replication through which each partner will, in turn, create small ventures in Brazil and Mozambique.

Related News

Programme sector: 

RE & EE (Business&Finance)

Stage of project: 



IN/India, CN/China, BR/Brazil, ZA/South Africa (Global ? 1st Stage Brazil, China, India, Africa)


2007 - 2009


€ 201,000 including co-funding from Banca Etica., Global Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Fund (GEEREF) est

Implementing agency: 

Fiorello H. LaGuardia Foundation

REEEP grant funded by:

United Kingdom