The International Sustainable Energy Assessment (ISEA) Implementation and Impact Phase


To supply a comprehensive, systematic and empirical treaty implementation database in order to support efforts to use law as an instrument to promote and support the development of the market for renewable energy globally.

Main Activities

  • Compile detailed implementation data for the treaties covered;
  • Create metrics for evaluating treaty implementation;
  • Identify and analyse social and economic impacts resulting from the implementation of these treaties;
  • Expand the present database to include all international energy agreements entered into by Brazil, Mexico, Russia and South Africa, along with implementation and impact analysis;
  • Create an online system enabling selected stakeholders throughout the world to contribute agreements to ISEA;
  • Develop synergies with such key entities as reegle, The World Conservation Union and United Nations Treaty Section.

Expected Impact

  • Increased understanding of decision-makers, regulators and other stakeholders about how to better construct and implement international agreements that support development and deployment of REES;
  • Greater understanding of international treaties and how they are implemented;
  • Expanded scope and informational depth of the ISEA database;
  • Enhanced REEEP/REIL efforts to suggest ways of using law to facilitate the market for renewable energy globally.
Programme sector: 

RE & EE (Policy&Regulation)

Stage of project: 



CN/China, BR/Brazil, MX/Mexico, RU/Russia, IN/India, ZA/South Africa


2006 - 2008


€ 160,702 including co-funding from CU Law

Implementing agency: 

University of Colorado

REEEP grant funded by:

United Kingdom