Expanding and Globalising the APEC Energy Standards Information System (ESIS)


To expand and internationalise ESIS for energy efficient appliances and equipment beyond its current APEC focus.

Main Activities

  • Develop linkages with international agencies;
  • Gain project and data input support from non-APEC economies to participate in ESIS;
  • Coordinate initial collection and uploading of data into ESIS including country information - country contacts, country experts, country website links and standards and labelling information;
  • Establish a reporting scheme to enable the key contacts in the European and South Asian countries to regularly review and update their ESIS information;
  • Develop a unique REEEP masthead when visitors to ESIS have accessed the site via the REEEP/reegle portal;
  • Add ESIS supporters' logos on non-APEC pages in ESIS;
  • Provide database administration services for technical and data management issues.

Expected Impact

  • Provision of a self-sustaining online resource of international appliance and equipment energy standards and labelling information;
  • Promotion of global best practice in end-use EE standards and programmes through accessible information sharing;
  • Enablement of global network of policymakers, experts and suppliers to exchange information on energy efficiency standards and work toward harmonisation of energy efficiency test procedures, standards and programme criteria;
  • Support of legal and regulatory frameworks for energy efficiency through the real time sharing and updating of appliance and equipment energy efficiency information on both voluntary and mandatory regulations and programmes.
  • Support of international efforts to ensure compatibility and to remove market barriers through expansion of ESIS to actively cover Europe and South Asia, with an enhanced news and notification function.
Programme sector: 

Energy Efficiency (EE) (Policy&Regulation)

Stage of project: 



(Multi Regional)


2007 - 2008


€ 178,000 including co-funding from Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Government of New Zealand, Collaborative Labelling & Appliance Standards Programme (CLASP)

Implementing agency: 

The Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO)

REEEP grant funded by:

United Kingdom