E5 Sustainable Energy Accelerator (e5-SEA)


Identify, network and assist qualified new and existing sustainable energy SMEs to achieve sustained profitability in developing markets

Main Activities

Actively managed data base & virtual market place with regional front ends (Czech Republic, Poland); Consultation with regional and local governments on energy development plans and private sector solutions; Recruitment of SMEs, entrepreneurs into the e5-SEA business development program; Maintenance of consultant network to provide advisement on business and marketing plan development and administration to meet local energy objectives; Hands-on mentoring, business administration, organisational advisement/assistance; Customised investment opportunity notification for investors; Partnership & joint venture development, financing, and market positioning advice; SME access to trade fairs, seminars and training courses via partnering organizations.

Operational Virtual Marketplace; established service provision infrastructure, procedures and documentation; feasibility studies for  two e5-SEA client companies (one in Poland and Czech Republic)

Expected Impact

Increased credibility

SMEs credibility is strengthened by the involvement of expert service providers; this mitigates risk for investors and increases options for acquiring the required seed capital or strategic investment.

Increased financing options

Compensation for e5-SEA-arranged professional services is based on cash, equity, annuity, or a combination, reducing clients' upfront need for cash payments for services, increasing financing options. 

Flexibility and confidence building

Clients can use standardized services of the Virtual Marketplace and move into more hands-on, customized services via the BDC. Clients who want to keep sensitive information confidential find that they can use the e5-SEA to test the market and their own comfort level when deciding to bring a new technology or service to market. Clients can receive professional feedback on their ideas, identify interested partners and customers, and raise awareness of their company in new markets, all at no risk.


Expanded markets for Service Providers

e5-SEA enables professional service providers (marketing, business administration, finance consultants) to identify credible new clients and expand their network of business relationships. Service providers have access to a robust pipeline of projects from diverse markets to choose from.



Programme sector: 

RE & EE (Policy&Regulation)

Stage of project: 



CZ/Czech Republic, PL/Poland


2005 - 2005


€ 65,000

Implementing agency: 

European Business Council for Sustainable Energy (e5)

REEEP grant funded by:

United Kingdom