Developing a Vehicle for Solar Water Heating Mass Implementation in South Africa


To assist at least three cities in developing vehicles for the mass rollout of solar water heaters and make cities aware of all renewable and energy efficiency alternatives available to them.

Main Activities

  • Choose three leading cities in South Africa to partner;
  • Finalise choice of model on which the fee-for-service or other mass delivery mechanism will be based;
  • Identify the key role players in the model (financiers, CDM funding co-ordinators, solar water heater suppliers and installers, local authorities, legal experts);
  • Provide technical, legal and financial inputs to cities as necessary in the process of delivery vehicle establishment;
  • Facilitate and co-ordinate the process of delivery vehicle establishment, bringing in identified players as needed;
  • Extend the current manual for renewable energy and energy efficiency options (developed under a past REEEP project) to cover all feasible options, and maintain and extend the existing city support website for a fully comprehensive overview.

Expected Impact

  • Set the process in place for the establishment of vehicles for, and implementation of, SWHs on a mass scale in three cities, leading to similar rollout in other cities;
  • Improved energy security for cities due to peak load reduction, as well as financial benefits due to reduced peak power needs;
  • Reduce global warming emissions in cities;
  • Create jobs through the resulting boost to the SWH industry;
  • Inform decisions regarding the mix of renewable energy options to be adopted in cities to meet renewable energy targets;
  • Increase ability to implement a range of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

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Programme sector: 

RE & EE (Policy&Regulation)

Stage of project: 



2007 - 2009


€ 112,184 including co-funding from City of Tshwane, City of Cape Town, Sol Plaatje Municipality, SEED

Implementing agency: 

Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA)

REEEP grant funded by:

United Kingdom