Capacity Building Support for the Implementation of the Renewable Energy Law in China


To support the Government of China to implement the Renewable Energy Law, which came into force in January 2006.

Main Activities

  • Work with key stakeholders to design the training strategy;
  • Manage the collation of training materials for the training courses for the implementation of the law in key areas such as pricing, wind, biomass, and solar (PV and SWH);
  • Organise the training workshops for government officials and enterprises at the provincial levels;
  • Monitor the implementation of the law on renewables development in China, with a particular emphasis on the pricing mechanism, and make recommendations to policy makers as issues arise. The training sessions will be used to create a network of ‘information suppliers' to this report;
  • Carry out information dissemination activities to share this experience with countries in the region and globally.

Expected Impact

  • Enhanced understanding by up to 150 central government and provincial officials of how to implement the regulations;
  • Enhanced understanding by up to 150 enterprise leaders of the law and its accompanying regulations;
  • Useful feedback to NDRC so it can adjust the regulations in response to market conditions;
  • Construction of solid foundations to the Renewables Law so that China can make its first important steps to meet its 2020 target.
Programme sector: 

Renewable Energy (RE) (Policy&Regulation)

Stage of project: 





2006 - 2008


€ 625,000 including co-funding from Energy Foundation, World Bank CRESP Project, Australian Greenhouse Office

Implementing agency: 

Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association

REEEP grant funded by:

United Kingdom