Business Model Development for Biogas Electric Power Generation at Livestock Farms in China


To develop a business model to design, finance, build, integrate, and operate large-scale biogas facilities at livestock farms in China through market channel.

Main Activities

  • l Conduct a feasibility study on setting up ESCOs for biogas to power (BTP) including the survey and identification of candidate companies who are willing to engage in ESCO business and have capacities of do business of biogas for power;
  • l Conduct a technology comparison;
  • l Select farms with different technologies and analyse their operational situation;
  • l Explore the possibility of project financing through CDM;
  • l Develop Business plan;
  • l Develop a handbook for BTP;
  • l Build capacity through training to introduce energy service concept to animal husbandry sector, as well as financing through CDM regime;
  • Create an ESCO to demonstrate the business model.

Expected Impact

  • The project intends to explore a new business model to overcome the barriers of digester construction in animal husbandry sector in China, which include a heavy reliance on government funds, unreasonable technology options, poor management capacity and low capacity gaining money for sustainable development.
  • More companies which can provide technologies of biogas digester and biogas to power generation can be involved in the business using energy service mean.
Programme sector: 

Renewable Energy (RE) (Business&Finance)

Stage of project: 





2007 - 2010


€ 112,200 including co-funding from Blue Moon Fund

Implementing agency: 

Tsinghua University

REEEP grant funded by:

United Kingdom