RETScreen adds energy performance analysis module

12-10-2011, Varennes, Quebec, Canada

A new multilingual energy Performance Analysis Module has been made available as part of the RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software to help the user monitor, analyse, and report key energy performance data to facility operators, managers and senior decision-makers.

Implementing an energy monitoring, targeting and reporting (MT&R) system can be a powerful way to better manage energy project investments as well as identify additional project opportunities. In addition, the measurement and verification (M&V) of actual savings (or production) achieved by a clean energy project is an important final step in the energy decision chain.

Under it's 7th Programme Cycle REEEP funded RETScreen International, working in collaboration the NASA Langley Research Centre, to help address this need on a global basis. As a result of the project RETScreen has developed the RETScreen Plus Performance Analysis Module, which is now available. This free energy management software tool, which integrates near real-time satellite-derived weather data from NASA for the entire surface of the planet, can be used worldwide to track a facility’s actual energy performance versus predicted performance.

This package is the latest of four REEEP-funded improvements to RETScreen software; a decision support package made available free of charge by Natural Resources Canada.

You can download the software here.

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