REEEP shortlists 84 projects in 9th funding call

12-10-2012, Vienna, Austria

Some 84 projects have now been shortlisted from the 577 initial proposals received in REEEP’s 9th funding cycle. These shortlisted projects have just been notified by e-mail that they are invited submit full proposals by 9 November 2012.  In addition, full proposals for the replication and scale-up of earlier REEEP projects as well as proposals from governments, regulators and development financial institutions are also welcomed by the same date.

High level of interest

“We were incredibly pleased at the high level of interest we received in every region and for every thematic area,” notes Eva Oberender, Director of Programmes. “Due to the high quality of the submissions, in the end we’ve decided to choose 84 of these projects to move on to the full proposal stage.  It was really difficult to make the cut-off, so those who were not selected should know that we were obliged to turn down many attractive projects at this stage.” 

Final selection follows in mid-December

After the close of final submissions on 9 November 2012, all projects will be carefully reviewed in detail. The final selection of projects to be offered funding in the 9th funding cycle will be announced in mid-December 2012.


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