REEEP partners with Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC)

17-08-2020, Vienna, Austria

As a growing organisation, REEEP is committed to expanding our international scope and impact. To this aim we are pleased to announce our new partnership and Memorandum of Understanding with the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC). 

CWEIC’s main function is to promote trade and investment across the Commonwealth and provide a platform for dialogue between Commonwealth governments and businesses. Their dedication to fostering sustainable development of clean energy markets makes them a good complement for REEEP’s aims to expand energy access, build sustainable markets and combat climate change.

Mala Manku, CEO of Cavendish Group and member of the REEEP Advisory Board and CWEIC Strategic Partner, will foster the partnership between CWEIC and REEEP in support of executing joint activities and achieving successful outcomes.

“This partnership will continue global efforts to transition from the use of fossil fuels to bringing clean and sustainable energy to communities across the Commonwealth,’’ she says. ‘’It’s important that industry comes together to drive investment to the people and places that make up the biggest growth sector for both the energy markets and jobs of the future.”

“CWEIC is delighted to be signing this important MOU with REEEP, reflecting the global transition to renewable energy and supporting this change particularly in emerging markets. We look forward to working with REEEP to deliver opportunities across the Commonwealth to bring communities to life by providing clean energy,’’ says Samantha Cohen, CEO of CWEIC. ‘’I would also like to thank Mala Manku for forging this innovative partnership between REEEP and CWEIC”.

This cross-pollination will provide both organisations’ stakeholders with platforms and networking opportunities and the chance to further develop partnerships, donor funding and co-investment possibilities between Commonwealth governments and businesses and REEEP projects.

Furthermore, it will provide the opportunity for REEEP to build links with the wider network of Commonwealth organisations, enhance links to academia and young entrepreneurs, and to engage with CWEIC’s locally-based staff and members in Commonwealth countries to build new relationships and partnerships in key markets.

In return, CWEIC and its members will have a clear path to engage with REEEP projects and activities in the Commonwealth and stakeholders outside the Commonwealth countries, as well as gaining access to REEEP’s global network for enhanced knowledge and our expertise in renewable energy and impact investing.

Our first collaboration with CWEIC took place at the ‘’Commonwealth Clean Energy Conversation’’ on July 27th. Magdalena Kouneva, REEEP’s incoming Director General, was a panellist in the webinar which focused on renewable energy transition, clean energy investment in emerging markets, small island states transition to renewables, and investing in renewable energy projects.

‘’It was a very fruitful discussion and excellent first step in our strengthened partnership’’, says Magdalena, who addressed the question ‘’if Green Guarantees could be an instrument of choice for financing the transition to low carbon economies and how they compare to other alternatives’’ in her presentation.

If the Covid-19 situation allows, we intend to host a joint event during the next Commonwealth Business Forum, which serves as a platform to foster public-private partnerships, bridge emerging and developing markets and connect small businesses to the international private sector. Virtual events are also on the radar – however it develops, we are looking forward to further collaboration with CWEIC.