REEEP awards 3.95 million Euros to 28 clean energy projects in 19 countries

09-01-2013, Vienna, Austria

REEEP has announced that it will fund 28 new projects that aim to scale up renewable energy and energy efficient solutions in key emerging markets and in selected developing countries in Africa and Asia.  The new initiatives will increase energy access and clean energy entrepreneurship in 19 countries.

Solar PV

The 28 initiatives were selected from 98 final proposals in five thematic areas: scaling up successful business models, supporting off-grid generation, harnessing the benefits of clean energy in both food production and in reliable water supply, and opening up energy data in emerging markets.

“The nexus between clean energy, food production and water provision is one of the exciting new areas we are looking at,” says Eva Oberender, REEEP’s Programme Director. “This includes developing solar-powered cold-storage for fishing communities in Indonesia, solar-powered pumps for irrigation in Kenya and Burkina Faso, and improvements in energy efficiency in Chinese agriculture.”  

REEEP’s focus includes Peru and Vietnam for the first time, largely due to Swiss funding. “Switzerland is pleased to be contributing to 14 projects that will stimulate market development,” says Hans-Peter Egler, Head of Trade Promotion – Economic Development and Cooperation at Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). “In rural Peru for instance we are funding two different approaches to increasing energy access; one to expand microfinance options, and the other to encourage new businesses that distribute clean energy products.”

The government of Norway, which has been strong supporter of REEEP since 2006, is supporting or co-funding 15 projects. “REEEP has built an impressive base of experience that is typified in the expansion of successful business models for renewable energy and energy efficiency in developing countries”, says Kåre Stormark, Acting Director General in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  “Our funds are well-invested here because they aim to reach far beyond the original project outcome.”

Several of the 28 selected projects replicate or scale up successful initiatives previously funded by REEEP.  The PFAN (Private Financing Advisory Network) is a coaching and investor matchmaking service for SMEs that REEEP has funded in southern Africa, and a new project will widen the model’s scope in India.  Azure International will expand and deepen its REEEP-funded cooperation with major brands to increase energy efficiency in Chinese textile factories.  And RETScreen, Natural Resources Canada’s free software, will be enhanced to deliver more specific decision-making intelligence.
One focus for this latest project call was improving the data situation for clean energy. “Making publically owned energy data accessible can mean a huge boost for clean energy businesses,” notes Martin Hiller, Director-General of REEEP. “One of the new projects will open up energy access data in Ghana through a database populated with all relevant energy statistics. This will become a leading example of open data on the African continent.”

“As a supporter of every REEEP project cycle to date, the government of the UK is pleased to see that the Partnership has funded more than 180 initiatives over the last 8 years,” says Chris Barton, Head of International Energy Security at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and REEEP’s Chairman of the Board. “This is proof of how the organisation punches well above its weight.”

This funding cycle is REEEP’s ninth, and is made possible by donations from the governments of the United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland.  REEEP previously disbursed €3.2 million in 2011, €4.7 million in 2009, €3.2 million in 2007, €2.2 million euro in 2006 and €1.1 million in 2005. 

A full list of the 28 new projects - arranged by portfolio - can be downloaded below.