Policy Dialogue: Up-scaling EE in metal-casting in Southern India

21-02-2013, Chennai, India

The metal casting sector is among the most energy intensive SME sectors in India. It is also one of the largest energy consumers. There is a good scope for energy savings and reduction in CO2 emissions through the promotion of energy efficiency measures.

Energy efficient DBC

REEEP has supported a series of TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) implemented projects targeting the metal-casting sector in India, where TERI is a long-time a pioneer in energy efficiency.  In 1998, TERI successfully demonstrated an energy efficient melting furnace called the divided blast cupola (DBC) and pollution control system. To date, a total of 120 DBCs are in operation in various foundry clusters in India.

The first of the REEEP-funded projects in this sector targeted the Coimbatore District in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India which has a cluster of more than 600 small-scale grey iron metal foundries. The project developed and installed 8 energy efficient demonstration furnaces and trained around 100 entrepreneurs and shop floor supervisors in their operation. A total of 5 firms in the cluster installed the improved furnaces.   

A follow-up initiative replicated the Coimbatore approach with similar metal-casting clusters in Belgaum, Bangalore (Karnataka); Vijayawada, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh); Palakkad (Kerala); and Chennai (Tamil Nadu).

As part of this effort, in February 2013 TERI and the IIF (The Institute of Indian Foundrymen) held a “Policy Dialogue on Up-scaling energy efficiency in metal casting in Southern India” in Chennai.

The event brought together policy makers, bankers and regional stakeholders on a common platform to discuss appropriate policies and institutional framework needed for up -scaling the demonstrated EE technology among metal casting units. The panel discussion revolved around the key elements of formulating a national - level energy saving programme for the metal casting and forging sector.

The discussion was preceded by opening remarks a range of dignitaries including Mr. Girish Sethi, Director of TERI’s Industrial Energy Efficiency Division, Mr. K. S. Anbuselvan, Chairman of the IIF in Chennai and Thiru K. Dhanavel, Secretary of Micro , Small and Medium Enterprises Department with the Government of Tamil Nadu.  Mr. Daniel Ziegerer, Director of Cooperation from the Embassy of Switzerland and Mr Prosanto Pal, Senior Fellow at TERI also spoke at the event.

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