IRENA and REEEP release new tool to aid in harmonizing and streamlining renewable energy knowledge

11-10-2016, Vienna, Austria

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) announced the release of Renewables Tagger, a new extension of the Climate Tagger automated knowledge-cataloguing system. The Renewables Tagger, which will be integrated into IRENA’s REsource knowledge management platform as well as made publicly available at no cost, will contribute to streamlining and improving the global renewable energy knowledge landscape.

Initially launched in 2011, Climate Tagger has become the world’s leading automated knowledge cataloguing and tagging tool for resources connected to climate change and related fields. Climate Tagger automatically scans and organizes research papers, reports, websites or any other readable online content, “tagging” it with keywords from the Climate Smart Dictionary. This dictionary and thesaurus, compiled by more than 50 subject matter experts, contains some 5000 specialised terms connected to climate change, along with synonyms, definitions and translations into 4 languages (in addition to English). Once a text has been tagged, it can be connected to similar resources on the same platform, and even to content on other platforms.

“This is a tool to help organizations better structure and contextualize reports, studies and even blogs within a rapidly shifting world of climate knowledge,” said Florian Bauer, COO of REEEP and head of the organization’s Open Knowledge initiative. “Without tools like this, those in specialized fields and disciplines often develop their language taxonomies in a vacuum, and find themselves increasingly isolated from other fields that may be deeply connected and relevant.”

The Renewables Tagger extension includes a massive expansion of the Climate Smart Dictionary, adding some 2700 specialised terminologies related to renewable energy, spanning both the technical and policy spheres. Renewables Tagger also builds in better usability, such as a function allowing users more control over what subject areas they run through the system.

“There is a real need to improve the way we find reliable and up-to-date renewable energy information. Technical solutions, such as search engine optimization and tagging software, have become essential in today’s world to push renewable energy knowledge to the next level,” said Henning Wuester, Director of IRENA’s Knowledge, Policy and Finance Centre. “IRENA’s own knowledge platform, REsource, is the renewable energy gateway for experts around the world. Integrating the Renewables Tagger into REsource will add tremendous value for users.”

For more information on Renewables Tagger, please contact Climate Tagger Product Manager Denise Recheis: denise.recheis [at]