How innovative payment systems are helping Zambians electrify their lives

04-02-2019, Lusaka, Zambia
For just a few Kwacha a day, subsistence farmers in rural Zambia can pay off solar lighting and phone charging systems supplied by VITALITE Zambia and Fenix International – two of four companies providing clean and reliable off-grid energy solutions through the Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia, supported by the Swedish Government. 
ReadyPay customer Steven Miyoba shows the solar panel on his roof, on the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia

The companies offer pay-as-you-go products and services to rural Zambian communities, where 95% of people lack access to modern energy services. “We are not only providing services and products, we’re also building capacity and improving quality of life,” says Tresphord Mwanga, VITALITE Zambia regional coordinator for Lusaka.

VITALITE Zambia’s pay-as-you-go system forms a critical part of the company’s approach and has been key to its success. The company focused not just on offering high-quality products that match people’s needs, but also on making their products affordable to low-income households. “The payment system is really what makes this a good option for locals,” a member of the marketing team, Bright Chileya explains. “People can pay off the systems slowly while using them. It’s really affordable.”

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