REEEP's governance structure comprises two bodies: the Meeting of Members and the Governing Board. The Advisory Board provides high-level advice and strategic guidance.

Meeting of Members

The Meeting of Members (MoM) is the assembly of all REEEP Members according to the Austrian Association Act (Vereinsgesetz 2002). The Meeting of Members is convened by the Governing Board and held at least once every two years. It is chaired by the Chair of the Governing Board or another Board member. Amongst other issues, the MoM approves the accounts, acknowledges the four-year strategy, and elects the Governing Board. An overview of REEEP Members can be found here.


Governing Board

REEEP’s Governing Board is responsible for the conduct of business in accordance with REEEP Statutes, and holds office for a period of four years. The Governing Board develops and oversees key strategic direction, targets, timeframes and priorities; prepares financial rules and accounting systems; and guides the operations of REEEP’s International Secretariat.

Governing Board Members

Maher Chebbo

Valérie Marcel
Chatham House
Vice Chair

Elfriede More
Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, Austria

Ari Huhtala
Senior Environmental Advisor

Christine Eibs Singer
Senior Energy Access Advisor

Tareq Emtairah
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Mark Fogarty
First Energy Asia

Silke Krawietz
SETA Network

Twarath Sutabutr 
Ministry of Energy Thailand

Danielle Walsh
Individual Member (HSBC)

Martijn Wilder


Advisory Board

The REEEP Advisory Board comprises eminent experts and thinkers in the clean energy and related fields, who provide the organization with high-level expertise and strategic guidance. Members are invited by the Director General and approved by the Governing Board.

Advisory Board Members

James Cameron
Overseas Development Institute

Harish Hande

Aled Jones
Global Sustainability Institute, Anglia Ruskin University

Mark Lambrides
The Nature Conservancy

Mala Manku
The Cavendish Group

Kevin Nassiep
City of Cape Town

Leslie Parker
Renewable Energy and International Law Project

Paul Savage
Nextek Power Systems / EMerge Alliance

Sven Teske
University of Technology Sydney

Richenda Van Leeuwen
Rocky Mountain Institute

Molly Webb
Energy Unlocked