Renewable Energy Africa Investment Summit

20-07-2016 to 21-07-2016, Sandton, South Africa

Energy Infrastructure offers some of the biggest potential business opportunities on the planet. A report published in October by the International Energy Agency predicted that half of Africa’s new power generation capacity added until 2040 will be green energy. The potential for renewable energy development in Africa has attracted growing attention lately, as investors and world leaders seek a new clean energy frontier. The continent could become a gold mine for renewable energy thanks to its abundant solar and wind resources, but roadblocks to clean energy which exist worldwide are amplified throughout the troubled regions of Africa - financial resources are thin and infrastructure is often unreliable.

Global Invest Group is a market intelligence and global development organisation that develops conferences, workshops and exhibitions aimed at promoting discussions and training of organisations to respond to Africa’s need for social and economic development. This event aims to discuss the future of renewable energy investment in Africa and share knowledge on the many related complexities, challenges and opportunities.

The Renewable Energy Africa Investment Summit will offer participants the chance to, among other things:

• learn about major global developments and investments in the field of renewable energy
• discuss the interfaces of Energy and Economic development
• share experiences  on solar energy and global investment and development
• become aware of the political economy of energy and how this can be used as an opportunity to ensure equitable  access to energy as well as guarantee investment
• ascertain the goals, targets, and actions within their own spheres of responsibility from
  governments, international organizations, and other stakeholders
• learn aboutr policy recommendations for renewable energy that can be of benefit to governments, international organizations, and other stakeholders as they develop new approaches and political strategies
• discuss the main economic and political forces driving the renewable energy market
• gain insight into ways to secure their businesses in turbulent times and analyse major factors affecting the renewable energy industry
• explore renewable energy investment trends globally and specifically in Africa
• build capital raising strategies and find a financial match for their projects
• outline key issues such as project funding, corporate finance, long/short-term investment, regional markets, technology & risk
• learn from investors and developers who are already active and successful in renewable energy & finance in Europe

Find the programme, registration details and other information on the event website.