REEEP Project Implementers Meeting 2013

29-05-2013 to 30-05-2013, Vienna, Austria

REEEP is more than simply a project funder. We aim to synthesise learning on topics that we believe are of general importance to the development of clean energy, and disseminate that learning to a wider audience. In keeping with this spirit, 30 REEEP project implementers will be meeting in Vienna on 29-30 May 2013 for two days of interactive discussions alongside the Vienna Energy Forum.

Project implementers meeting poster presentation Johannesburg

This invitation-only gathering is bringing together the lead managers of all REEEP projects currently being implemented. The moderated and facilitated programme will ensure that learnings are discussed, captured and widely disseminated:

Synthesising learning from three key topics

After brief introductions, implementers will work in three different teams to pool knowledge on three specific pre-defined topics:

  • Energy entrepreneurship - scaling a clean energy business
  • Water/energy/food nexus
  • How data can be used more effectively to support the development of clean energy

Implementers will assemble in these groups at intervals throughout the first day and the following morning of the Project Implementers Meeting, leading to group presentations to members of REEEP's Governing Board, who will join the meeting just before lunchtime on the second day.

Poster exhibitions

For these sessions, a number of projects will simultaneously present their work through posters/videos/presentations in groups of approximately ten. All other participants can attend these 'presentations’ in an ad hoc style, read about other projects and ask questions about the projects that interest them. This encourages a maximum of cross-fertilisation.

These posters will also be displayed at the REEEP-hosted VEF reception at 18:00 on 29 May.

Peer Learning Clinic

Four parallel sessions will each have a volunteer 'patient' (one of the Project Implementers) explain a current issue they have with their project to the other participants. One facilitator leads the discussion for each, and eight other implementers are the 'doctors' spending half an hour with each presenter, questioning and suggesting advice on the issue, then rotating. The facilitator takes notes on the suggestions, which are available so each new group of 'doctors' can build on what the previous groups have suggested.

Risk identification and management

Nagaraja Rao of CTI PFAN will give a presentation on risk identification and management in clean energy projects, helping implementers become better attuned to how private investors think, and how to position initiatives to attract private funding.

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James Smith

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Merja Laakso

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