COP-20 Lima

01-12-2014 to 12-12-2014, Lima, Peru

From December 1 to 12, 2014, Lima will host the Twentieth Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 20). Peru will receive about 15,000 people, which represent 194 countries and stakeholders from international organizations, civil society, private sector and several mass media, as well as presidents and ministers.

(From COP20 Lima)

COP20 is a crucial moment to reach a climate change agreement in 2015. The Presidency of the COP20-CMP10 will lead it with transparency and inclusiveness, in order to reach a consensus that will pave the way for the adoption of a 2015 climate change agreement. In working together, it is imperative that we:

1. Recognize that the process:

  • Has been built over the course of two decades by all state parties;
  • Seeks to achieve consensus through participation, consultation and inclusive dialogue.

2. Achieve evidence-based decisions which:

  • Are imbued with a sense of urgency, given the grave unfolding consequences of climate change, including its impacts on development and growth, on economies and ecosystems and, in particular, on the world’s most vulnerable populations;
  • Offer result-focused and high-level solutions;
  • Reverse the harmful trend of humanity that science has identified.

3. Build on mandates that:

  • Were achieved at previous COPs and must be followed;
  • Urge us to reach a climate change agreement by 2015;
  • Entrust us with the task of moving forward with targets such as national contributions, adaptation, mitigation, financing and mobilization of resources, capacity-building and technology transfer, loss and damage, and REDD+.

4. Take action based on principles that:

  • Allow us to listen to all voices and all actors;
  • Value transparency in the process;
  • Convey trust;
  • Recognize successful initiatives, so that they are reflected in the decisions adopted by all parties.

5. Are optimistic about Lima’s COP20-CMP10 potential because:

  • It will be the basis for a new global climate agreement to be signed in 2015;
  • It seeks to promote a growing level of commitment and global solidarity in the face of climate change challenges and the need for sustainable development; and
  • It is working towards realistic goals, such as:
    • Producing a coherent draft text for the 2015 agreement;
    • Defining common agreements on the communication of national contributions that are both ambitious and adjusted for each country’s capacities;
    • Increasing the level of transparency and commitment to step up climate financing in the short- and medium-term, including the implementation and capitalization of the green climate fund;
    • Promoting and showcasing substantive progress in pre-2020 actions;
    • Strengthening global adaptation agendas and support for national adaptation plans, and build trust in the implementation of all existent mechanisms, including REDD+, technology transfer, and loss and damage.

6. Emphasize that Peru, as host country, understands its role represents:

A responsibility

  • To provide strong logistics and organization, given the large scale of the event;
  • To facilitate a complex international negotiation process in a changing world;
  • To build an atmosphere of trust, where all the actors are heard.

An opportunity

  • To display the will and capabilities of Peru, as a part of the Latin America and Caribbean region, in contributing to find a global solution to climate change;
  • To recognize our own potential in terms of resources and our own vulnerabilities in the face of climate change;
  • To commit to taking action to achieve low-carbon growth;
  • To build, as part of the COP20-CMP10 adaptation actions, an economy that is resilient to climate change.

In order to assume the Presidency of COP20, Peru has identified clear strategies and has organized in three action fronts, two transverse areas and one management board, and works in coordination with a Multi-sector Working Group, as the Graph below shows.

COP20 Workplan:

Download PDF here

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