2013 Climate Knowledge Brokers Workshop

08-06-2013 to 09-06-2013, Bonn, Germany

REEEP will be co-hosting the 2013 Climate Knowledge Brokers Workshop in Bonn from 8-9 June, during the middle weekend of the UNFCCC inter-sessionals. This invitation-only event aims to continue the process of forging stronger collaborative links between climate knowledge brokers working in the climate and development area.

The ultimate aim is to improve access to reliable information and robust methods for those working in these sectors, particularly in developing countries, and to enhance their ability to share lessons and experience.

Workshop objectives

  • Raise the profile of climate knowledge brokers, the important role they play, and the services they provide.
  • Report back on the collaborative work that has been undertaken over the previous year, and demonstrate how the new shared tools
  • can be adopted by other CKBs.
  • Provide a space to engage with peers to discuss challenges, share ideas and capture lessons learned
  • Explore options for raising our ambitions as a group, and a green action plan for the coming year.


As with previous CKB events, the fomat will be highly participative. Time will be set aside for informal conversations and working groups, and the session will be facilitated to ensure participants all have a chance to engage.


The plan is to keep the group to a workable size by limiting participation to around 35-40 people. Invitations will be sent to the CKB group directly. If you are interested in participating contact florian.bauer [at] reeep.org.