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Simpa's Progressive Purchase model opens energy access for the un-banked

The lack of access to end-user financing is one of the biggest obstacles to the spread of solar home systems to the 200 million energy poor households and small businesses in India. These consumers spend a large portion of their incomes on energy sources such as kerosene, and the banking system often doesn’t reach them because they own no land title, have irregular incomes, or lack formal identification.

Coimbatore hosts launch workshop for ICLEI Local Renewables project

The Indian city of Coimbatore was the host of a two-day workshop on 12-13 December, launching a REEEP-funded ICLEI project on Local Renewables. The project is taking Coimbatore as both an example and a resource in energy efficiency and renewable energy for two other emerging market cities: Ekurhuleni in South Africa and the Yogyakarta municipality in Indonesia.


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