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Imagining a smarter world – how to build the climate knowledge grid

Kenyan central highlands (Credit: Getty Images)

Imagine a world where everyone making decisions on how best to respond to climate change had easy access to the information they need to make those choices. What would it look like and what would be needed to bring it about?

This may sound a naive question. Getting relevant climate information is not like clicking your smart phone app and looking up a train time. There is rarely a right or wrong answer in the same way. And access to information is not everything. Just by having it at your fingertips doesn’t mean it will be understood, that it will be acted upon, or that change will happen as a result.

The Good, the Bad, and the Even Worse: Explaining Variation in the Performance in the Performance of Energy Partnerships

Within the context of agency beyond the state, one paramount question is that of the wider effectiveness of governance instruments beyond international collaboration or top-down policy making. Why are some multi-stakeholder partnerships for sustainable development successfully addressing pressing environmental challenges while others have hardly any traceable results? This paper theorizes the variation in performance between the most effective and the least effective CSD partnerships in the sustainable energy sector.


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