Climate Knowledge Brokers Group

Climate and development professionals, once challenged by a lack of data, are now overwhelmed with oceans of information. Today, the challenge is navigating and making sense of this information.


Transforming information into knowledge and climate action

The role of knowledge brokers

Data and information come in all sizes and shapes from diverse sources around the globe. A new generation of ‘knowledge brokers’ has emerged to help signpost and improve access to knowledge resources for end users.

A smart grid for climate information

The CKB Group is a community of knowledge brokers in the climate and development space dedicated to creating practical solutions to enhance information-sharing, steer knowledge flows and engage and connect key players.

Four Challenges

The CKB Group is addressing four key challenges:

  • Understanding user needs – so information resources hit the spot
  • Signposting the right platforms – so users don’t waste time getting lost
  • Connecting climate websites up – so data is shared effectively
  • Learning from each other – so new information initiatives don’t have to reinvent the wheel

REEEP was selected in 2013-2014 to host the new CKB Group Coordination Hub

The CKB Group Coordination Hub is made possible through the generous support of:



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REEEP selected to host Climate Knowledge Brokers Group Coordination Hub
01-04-2014 · Vienna
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