Join us in person and online on 9 December for a discussion on “Developing markets to scale up renewable energy for climate-resilient agriculture” at COP28 in Dubai.

REEEP, Practical Action and Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) will bring together a diverse range of perspectives around the importance and opportunities of taking a whole ecosystem and entrepreneurial approach to accelerate uptake of productive use of renewable energy (PURE) technologies that support regenerative agriculture and strengthen resilience in agri-food value chains.

Standing in the way of scaling up PURE in agri-food are challenges at all levels: scant knowledge of the possibilities, underdeveloped markets and a lack of local financing solutions. The business environment in developing countries is often volatile, with a lack of coherence in policy, and market information for business planning is uncertain or unavailable.

Therefore, investing in entrepreneurial solutions for regenerative agriculture is more crucial than ever. This session will provide further insights into the needs and opportunities of clean energy and agricultural markets from green finance, energy policy, food policy and entrepreneurial perspectives. It will showcase how climate finance and private sector investment can scale PURE technologies to support regenerative agriculture and value chains that improve livelihoods and build resilient food systems in the global south.

Experts will highlight the need for a full ecosystem approach, covering the importance of creating the right market conditions to encourage investment and climate finance that drive entrepreneurship approaches to scale up the adoption of regenerative agriculture and inspire individuals, communities and organizations to take action.

This event aims to catalyze further engagement and mobilization of resources toward sustainable agricultural practices by sharing evidence-based insights and advocating for better policies and more climate financing to bring climate-resilient agriculture to a global scale.

Join us in person:

9 December, 2023

11:30-13:00 UAE
Side Event Room 3, Blue Zone, B6 78


Join us virtually: Livestreamed on YouTube and the UNFCCC website


Welcome remarks

Moderator: Shyvonne Henry, Africa Partnerships Lead, Practical Action

State of the sector

Richenda Van Leeuwen, Executive Director, Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs

Introductions from our panellists: National Government perspective

Dr. Sosten Ziuku, Director of Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy, Ministry of Energy and Power Development, Zimbabwe

Introductions from our panellists: Energy-agriculture nexus

Ute Collier, Acting Director, Knowledge, Policy and Finance Centre, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Introductions from our panellists: Agri-food entrepreneurship

Amit Saraogi, Co-Founder and CEO, Oorja Development Solutions

Introductions from our panellists: Climate finance

Dusko Stjepanovic, Head of Green Banking, REEEP

Panel Discussion


Closing remarks


SE Room 3, Blue Zone, B6 78, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dr. Sosten Ziuku
Director of Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy
Ministry of Energy and Power Development, Zimbabwe
Richenda Van Leeuwen
Executive Director
Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE)
Ute Collier
Acting Director, Knowledge, Policy and Finance Centre
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Shyvonne Henry
Africa Partnerships Lead
Practical Action
Amit Saraogi
Co-Founder and CEO
Oorja Development Solutions
Dusko Stjepanovic
Head of Green Banking

Event Partners